Article: Databuoy Resident Security Expert Writes in SECURITY INFOWATCH

Article: Databuoy Resident Security Expert, Patrick Fiel, Sr., Featured in SECURITY INFOWATCH


One of Databuoy’s foremost security experts,  Patrick Fiel, Sr., was featured in this SECURITY INFOWATCH article, linked here.

Patrick said:

“Another school shooting is in the news, but sadly, we are still being reactive rather than proactive. Until we seriously embrace a collaborative, proactive approach, we will continue to see the high numbers of deaths and injuries associated with school mass shootings.

Last month,  a mass shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan left  four students dead and seven others injured, including a teacher. The suspect, a current student, has been charged. There are numerous questions coming from this shooting, including whether or not it could have been prevented.

Gunshot detection systems are also now more readily available for schools. Among the different systems, some use sensor networks to identify the exact location of the shooter inside or outside and can then interface with the existing video system to send and deliver an image/video/audio of the shooter(s) to school officials and first responders within seconds. This allows the school administrators to initiate lockdown and implement their active shooter protocols.”



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