Indoor Gunshot Detection & Localization

Multi-Factor Gunshot Detection

Multi-factor-authentication is critical to a real-time gunshot detection and localization system. Databuoy’s SHOTPOINT sensors provide first responders with immediate notification and actionable information with industry-leading reliability and accuracy. 

SHOTPOINT is used indoors and outdoors with sensors deployed in small indoor spaces or large areas like gyms or stadiums.  It integrates with a customer’s security camera and access control systems. Reports can be delivered to mobile devices and third-party systems.


Industry-leading Precision

Reports in less than a second providing a shooter’s location within 2 meters.

2 Second Reporting

In time to matter, instead of after it’s over

Video Integration

Real-Time Camera Cueing Enables Immediate Visual Identification Of Shooter And Possible Victims

Mobile Reporting

Our Know When It Counts® (“KWIC”) Application Sends Shot Alerts Via Text Message And Runs On Mobile Devices

Pinpoint Location Accuracy <2m

Shot Location Accuracy Guaranteed To Be Within 1-2 Meters

Bullet Trajectory Resolution

Bullet Trajectory Resolution Means Shotpoint Can Locate Rifle Shooters By Only Sensing The Bullet​

Multiple Shooters

Multiple Shooters Are Clearly Rendered In The Know When It Counts® Application

No False Alarms

No False Alarms With Our Patented Sensor Fusion Means Responders Will Not Have “Alarm Fatigue”

Third-Party Validated

Shotpoint Has Been Tested By Independent Third-Parties Including The TSA-Sponsored Safe Skies Alliance. The System Has Been Utilized In Operational Conditions With Police Validation Of System Performance Metrics

SHOTPOINT Indoor White Papers

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SHOTPOINT & Campus Safety

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