Outdoor Gunshot Detection & Localization

Real-time Gunshot Detection

Databuoy’s automated SHOTPOINT system allows first responders, security personnel, and law enforcement to react to an active shooter situation with confidence and precision. Outdoor gunshot detection and localization provides responders with immediate notification and actionable information expediting response times.

In an outdoor environment SHOTPOINT shines, giving customers an unfair advantage when securing their property. Our wide-area outdoor coverage is unmatched with sensors placed up to 165 ft. apart and often located in the most volatile environments imaginable (see the Fremont Street Experience white paper). SHOTPOINT integrates with the customer’s video management system and access control system, allowing reports and notifications to be delivered to mobile devices and third-party systems in real-time, without slow and unreliable human interaction.

In addition to reliability, accuracy, and automated real-time notifications, SHOTPOINT is the only gunshot detection solution in the world capable of identifying and resolving the trajectory angle of an elevated shooter. This is particularly valuable in urban environments where other shot detection solutions are easily fooled by echoes and other false detections. SHOTPOINT is able to remove false detections with extreme precision and deliver actionable information in a matter of seconds.


Industry-leading Precision

Reports in less than a second providing a shooter’s location within 2 meters.

2 Second Reporting

In time to matter, instead of after it’s over

Video Integration

Real-Time Camera Cueing Enables Immediate Visual Identification Of Shooter And Possible Victims

Mobile Reporting

Our Know When It Counts® (“KWIC”) Application Sends Shot Alerts Via Text Message And Runs On Mobile Devices

Pinpoint Location Accuracy <2m

Shot Location Accuracy Guaranteed To Be Within 1-2 Meters

Bullet Trajectory Resolution

Bullet Trajectory Resolution Means Shotpoint Can Locate Rifle Shooters By Only Sensing The Bullet​

Multiple Shooters

Multiple Shooters Are Clearly Rendered In The Know When It Counts® Application

No False Alarms

No False Alarms With Our Patented Sensor Fusion Means Responders Will Not Have “Alarm Fatigue”

Third-Party Validated

Shotpoint Has Been Tested By Independent Third-Parties Including The TSA-Sponsored Safe Skies Alliance. The System Has Been Utilized In Operational Conditions With Police Validation Of System Performance Metrics

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