Save lives and enhance situational awareness

Databuoy is the exclusive integrated security and surveillance platform, able to instantly detect and locate shooters indoors, outdoors, and vertically, without human intervention. Our robust panic button identifies and captures incident details, empowering first responders for positive outcomes.

Improve Situational Awareness
Respond With Confidence
Reduce Response Times


In an unpredictable world, you can count on Databuoy

Those entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding others recognize the potential challenges, including the prospect of encountering an active shooter.

At Databuoy, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering responders to proactively address these challenges. We invite you to arrange an evaluation with the Databuoy team to discover how we can assist you in fortifying the safety of your people and environments.


Those who know trust Databuoy

You deserve a partner who has garnered the trust of public and private industry leaders and experts. Our real-world tested gunshot detection platform known as SHOTPOINT® has won their confidence. Databuoy systems are currently operational in indoor and outdoor demanding settings where precision and rapid response are paramount. Respond with confidence with Databuoy’s patented filters that prevent false alarms and eliminate responder fatigue.

This Technology helps my officers do their job and we’re all in.
Investigator Tim Hall
Annapolis PD
Databuoy will tell us exactly where a shot came from and how many shooters there are. It’s the best solution on the market and will supplement our human factor to keep our patrons safe. Databuoy is absolutely needed in the world we live in today.
Mark Reddon
Director of Security
Fremont Street Experience Canopy
We test monthly and Databuoy works consistently with multiple shooters. It shows us the most current shot and exact location of the shooters. In more than two years, we’ve had no false positives… This is a fantastic tool that enables us to respond quickly, effectively and accurately. I highly recommend Databuoy.
Former Chief Bryan Pegues
Aventura Police Dept.
Working with Adventura schools
Being a platform, Databuoy allows for integration with other critical elements of the overarching security eco systems. This translates to efficient and effective detection and mitigation of security events. We seek to give our clients the best options to meet their security goals and Databuoy’s SHOTPOINT is a technology we endorse.
Jeff Powers
Lighthouse Consultants

Safety Act Designation

Databuoy Corporation Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation for SHOTPOINT®

Databuoy’s achievement of this Designation emphasizes its commitment to public safety through advanced gunshot detection technology. This designation highlights Databuoy’s dedication to high standards of performance and reliability, marking its technology’s precision in gunshot identification and its crucial role in anti-terrorism. This acknowledgment reinforces Databuoy’s leadership in providing innovative, reliable systems for protecting lives and properties.


When response time matters

With our Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-founded technology, experience enhanced safety and peace of mind. We have designed a system that provides clear and actionable information with a focus on precision, efficiency and results that ensures your security goals.

Step 1
Environmental and Technical Evaluation
We identify the areas which need protection and understand your technical environment.
Step 2
Deployment Proposal and Integration Plan
We create a specific plan designed to give you the coverage needed and meet your technical requirements.
Step 3
Solution Installation, Testing and Training
SHOTPOINT sensors are delivered, installed and tested. Client user set up and training is completed.


Instant notification providing actionable information

With Databuoy at your side, you will effectively mitigate risks posed by active shooters, respond swiftly to incidents and hold perpetrators accountable with concrete evidence. You will forge strong partnerships with first responders by establishing a collaborative approach to the critical situations that active shooters present.

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Databuoy Corporation Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation for SHOTPOINT®

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers!

What is acoustic shot detection?

Acoustic shot detection is a technology that uses sound sensors or microphones to detect and identify the acoustic signature of gunshots or gunfire. Sensors operate on the principle that firearms discharge generates distinctive sound patterns, including the supersonic shockwave (muzzle blast) and the sonic crack of a bullet as it travels through the air.

Acoustic shot detection systems are commonly used in urban areas, campuses, public spaces and high-security facilities to enhance public safety and aid in the rapid response to gun-related incidents.  Shot detection plays a critical role in reducing response times, which can be crucial in saving lives and preventing further violence.

How precise is SHOTPOINT’s localization?

Outdoors, SHOTPOINT is accurate within 2 meters or less. Indoors, SHOTPOINT’s precision is regularly less than 1 meter.

Where does SHOTPOINT work?

SHOTPOINT is the only system that works indoors, outdoors and vertically. All events are tracked through one platform, eliminating the need for multiple integration solutions. We are effective in high-noise environments, such as on the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do Databuoy’s services integrate with mass notification systems?

Yes. We currently integrate with several providers and can be integrated with system-based API’s as needed.

How are security personnel notified of an event?

Databuoy integrates with mass notification systems. Databuoy also has a proprietary web-based application called KWIC, where web and sms subscribers can be notified of an active event.

What is vertical shot detection?

Vertical shot detection is the ability to detect a gunshot originating from an elevated location, even if the shot occurs outside and passes near or through the coverage network.