From Defense Research to Public Service

The Databuoy Story

Founded in 2006, Databuoy® is named after our early work with the US Navy. The nautical term, Data Buoys, refers to a network of sensors moored in the ocean which support passing ships. Our sensor networks are land-based, but are similarly “moored” to reliably persist, detect, and serve passers-by. 

Our technology is founded on a series of research and development programs sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for the Army and Navy.

Our Vision

In 2013, Databuoy turned its focus to public safety. Our first indoor live-fire test at a school was conducted in 2014. Indoor and outdoor range testing and system refinement continued for years. The system has been used in real-world environments for several years, providing responders with valuable information to quickly direct them to life-safety incidents and support subsequent investigations. 

An expansive acoustic library has been collected on our unique sensor hardware with tens of thousands of rounds fired and millions of hours of sensor operations. Building on the robust effectiveness and accuracy of our Shotpoint® gunshot localization technology, Databuoy released the Geofob™ panic button in 2021, to expand the security capabilities of our sensor networks. Databuoy continues to actively develop cutting-edge technology products, to add bold new functionality to our cohesive security suite.

Meet the Executive Team

Kathleen Griggs

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen is the President & Founder of Databuoy. In five years, she grew the company to an $18.5M Defense contract to develop and field Embedded Systems Command and Control Technology. She is a former Navy Engineer and DARPA Technical Agent, where she managed DARPA Warfighter Visualization, Smart Modules, and Distributed Robotics program efforts. Her program successes include video geo-registration, augmented reality, and wearable computing. Kathleen has a BS in Physics and MS in Systems Engineering.

Nick Jones

Chief Development Officer

Nick was formerly the Entrepreneur in Residence at Varkain, a family office. His experience as a former founder and former CEO gives Nick a unique ability to build relationships, negotiate with executive teams, and raise capital. He has 20+ years of experience with Saas-based systems, managing the growth phase in enterprise companies, and cultivating tactically beneficial corporate leadership teams. Nick is an expert at brand strategy and provides broad marketing capabilities to the team.

Alex-Chermak_Databuoy Senior VP of Operations & Sales​

Alex Chermak

Senior VP of Operations & Sales

Alex Chermak joined Databuoy in July of 2021. Prior to joining Databuoy, Alex was VP of sales and branch operations for Guardian Alarm, the 14th largest alarm company in the US. Alex brings over 20 years of leadership experience to Databuoy, having held numerous executive roles at public, private and venture-backed companies including ADT/Tyco, Stanley Black and Decker, and Redhawk (now ADT). Alex has extensive experience in product management, sales, and operations and is highly effective at building solid teams that deliver on a shared vision. Alex holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering.