Databuoy’s automated SHOTPOINT system is the fastest, most precise fully automated gunshot detection and localization platform.

SHOTPOINT allows first responders, security personnel and law enforcement to react to an active shooter situation with confidence and precision.

SHOTPOINT is the only solution that can be deployed in both indoor and outdoor environments

Multi-factor authentication is critical to a real-time gunshot detection and localization system. SHOTPOINT is used indoors and outdoors with sensors deployed in small indoor spaces or large areas like gyms or stadiums.

In an outdoor environment, SHOTPOINT shines, giving customers an unfair advantage when securing their property. Our wide-area outdoor coverage is unmatched, with sensors placed up to 165 ft. apart and often located in the most volatile environments imaginable (see the Fremont Street Experience white paper).

Only SHOTPOINT has fully automated gunshot detection

SHOTPOINT integrates with the customer’s video management system and access control system, allowing reports and notifications to be delivered to mobile devices and third-party systems in real-time without slow and unreliable human interaction.

Only SHOTPOINT has trajectory angle detection

In addition to reliability, accuracy, and automated real-time notifications, SHOTPOINT is the only gunshot detection solution in the world capable of identifying and resolving the trajectory angle of an elevated shooter.

This is particularly valuable in urban environments where echoes and other false detections easily fool other shot detection solutions. SHOTPOINT can remove false detections with extreme precision and deliver actionable information in seconds.

Industry-leading Precision

Reports in less than 2 seconds providing a shooter’s location within 2 meters.

2 Second Reporting
In time to matter, instead of after it’s over; SHOTPOINT is the fastest reporting shot detection system in the industry.
Video Integration
Real-time camera cueing enables immediate visual identification of active assailants and possible victims.
Mobile Reporting
Our Know When It Counts® (“KWIC”) application sends Shot Alerts via text message and runs on mobile devices.
Pinpoint Location Accuracy <2m
Unmatched Shot Location accuracy; within 1-2 meters outdoors and regularly within 1 meter for indoor deployments.
Bullet Trajectory Resolution
Bullet Trajectory Resolution means SHOTPOINT locate rifle shooters even when shooting from a distance toward the network coverage area
Multiple Shooter Support
SHOTPOINT is able to resolve multiple shooters in the KWIC® application providing greater visibility and situational awareness, removing confusion.
No False Alarms
Unmatched accuracy and reporting indoors and out, our patented sensor fusion methodology means no “Alarm Fatigue”.
Third-Party Validated
SHOTPOINT has been tested by independent third-parties Including the TSA-sponsored Safe Skies Alliance. The system has been utilized in operational conditions with police validation of system performance metrics.
Greater Situational Awareness
Acoustic detection is the first, critical step to a safer environment allowing first responders to know what is going on when cameras cannot see.
Increased Confidence
Confidence and trust are critical elements of any layed security plan and SHOTPOINT provides certainty in chaotic situations.

SHOTPOINT Whitepapers

SHOTPOINT Outdoor Sensor Spec Sheet
SHOTPOINT Indoor Sensor Spec Sheet
SHOTPOINT & Campus Safety
SHOTPOINT & Entertainment Safety
North Las Vegas SHOTPOINT Integration at the Fremont Street Experience Canopy.
SHOTPOINT & School District Safety
Shotpoint technology heightens Florida schools’ security.

SHOTPOINT Case Studies

SHOTPOINT in Annapolis, MD Case Study Report
Databuoy Corporation and ITron, Inc. partner to deploy gunshot detection. Results show how immediate intelligence helps the police.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sensors are required in an area?

Databuoy’s SHOTPOINT requires a minimum of two sensors to detect and confirm a gunshot in a 2D environment. To detect vertical gunfire, in a 3D environment, a minimum of three sensors are required.

Are you really the only solution that is fully automated? What does that mean and why is it important?

Databuoy is the only solution that does not require human intervention. The benefit is near-perfect accuracy, quicker notification of an event and faster response times. It also results in the elimination of human bias when reporting on active shooter events. This level of accuracy and repeatable results provide invaluable information that first responders can trust.

How does SHOTPOINT localize?

Our patented platform uses a network of acoustic sensors to detect and confirm gunshots. Through a series of complex algorithms, SHOTPOINT removes echoes and false detections with near 100% accuracy. SHOTPOINT is capable of queuing cameras to capture video or photos of the shooter and can also deliver audio, floor plans and can activate lockdown protocols. And all of this happens in approximately 1 second.

What is the minimum and maximum distance between Databuoy sensors?

Databuoy prefers a minimum of 10m and a maximum of 60m separation.