KWIC® Application

Empowering first responders and enhancing security infrastructure
Know When It Counts® means first responders receive the highest level of situational awareness in the shortest amount of time.

Easy to Use and Understand

The KWIC application was built with ease of use in mind. In a crisis, trying to determine if a shot was actually a shot, and where it came from can cost valuable time and, ultimately, lives. That’s where KWIC comes in.

With both web browser access and a mobile friendly display, subscribers to the KWIC system receive notifications via text, email and/or web, and are sent specific information moments after an active shooter event. This information is used to relay all the pertinent details to in-house security teams and first responders for the best chance of apprehending the assailant(s). Anytime, anywhere access means your property and customers are as safe as possible.

Minimal Training Required

New employees, different shifts and multiple technologies provide their own challenges, but KWIC keeps things simple. Instant alerts to Web and mobile devices (via SMS messaging) with easy-to-understand instructions and pinpoint accuracy allow security teams to operate without worry of confusion or lack of understanding.

Forensics Made Easy

The KWIC system generates data that is securely stored within the web application, under the management and backup of Databuoy. This comprehensive dataset includes video, audio and photo records, making it a valuable resource for forensic reporting. Additionally, KWIC offers precise timestamps for tracking active shooter incidents, aiding law enforcement in swiftly apprehending perpetrators and ensuring justice is served.

Mass Notification Integration

SHOTPOINT notifications are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of mass notification systems.

Leveraging robust APIs and a user-friendly SDK, SHOTPOINT effortlessly delivers immediate and automated data, including location information and associated media resources, to enhance your security network. This integration capability simplifies the process of incorporating SHOTPOINT into your existing infrastructure for education and implementation.