The perfect add-on to your SHOTPOINT® system
The GEOFOB connects with our Know When It Counts® (KWIC) Application. 

Seamlessly integrating with our existing network of SHOTPOINT smart sensors, GEOFOB uses a patented industry-leading localization method to quickly and accurately respond to distress alerts.

Small and discreet, GEOFOB is the perfect security companion for guest room attendants, security guards, and corporate executives. As a KWIC subscriber, users have the added capability to instantly know if someone needs urgent assistance, along with their identity and exact location.

With the push of a button, GEOFOB provides all of the benefits of the KWIC application, including video integration plus all other integrated intel. Like shot alerts, GEOFOB provides our proprietary before-and-after vision to assess the cause and reaction to any distress signals.

Download the GEOFOB whitepaper
If you’re looking for more details about GEOFOB and how it can enable more immediate response rates download the whitepaper.