Meet the Databuoy Team

Kathleen Griggs
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"I am dedicated to protecting lives from the threats of gun violence. Leading the enthusiastic team at Databuoy, we collaborate on innovative solutions to detect and prevent gunshot incidents. Our shared objective is to make a positive societal impact, fostering safer environments for communities worldwide."
Nick Jones
Chief Development Officer
"Having the opportunity to work for a company that is focused on saving lives is truly an honor. I am dedicated to making sure that our integrated security and surveillance solutions bring calm to communities all around the globe. Working with our talented team at Databuoy, we are determined to leave a lasting impression in our efforts to create a safer world."
Alex Chermak
Chief Operations Officer
"I take great pleasure in being a member of a team that possesses an unparalleled depth of expertise and familiarity in the realm of gunshot detection. It brings me great satisfaction to contribute towards offering our clients cost-effective solutions and remaining by their side throughout the entire installation journey, ensuring that projects stay on track."
Mukundan Sridharan
Chief Technology Officer
"Throughout my career, my focus and passion have revolved around engineering breakthroughs in gunshot detection solutions. Being part of the pioneering squad at Databuoy, it brings me immense pride to now assume the role of Engineering team lead. We continue to flourish, forging ahead in this industry by innovating and shaping novel products and solutions."
Paul Edward Price
Solutions Director
"Every day in the front lines of support for Databuoy clients brings a unique and exhilarating experience. My role involves ensuring the continuous operation of our systems, resolving network issues, and collaborating with our partners to create seamless technology solutions."
Amy Veloz
Director of Communications
"Being acknowledged as a premiere player in gunshot detection offers an incredible sense of gratification. Collaborating with our team and pioneering creative approaches to introduce our integrated security and surveillance solutions to the market is a source of joy for me. Our goal is to have a tangible impact, making a meaningful difference in the world."