SmartBiz Virginia Event Recap

SmartBiz Virginia was a phenomenal event! Thanks so much to Cox Communications President Mark Greatrex, VP Kathryn Falk and the entire Cox team for visiting the Databuoy Corporation offices at the Refraction Innovation Hub and enabling action-oriented conversations about smart cities. Meeting with event panelists like our CEO Kathleen Griggs shows a true commitment to innovation. We are hopeful and excited for new opportunities to work together […]

Databuoy Now Available on GSA Schedule

“S&R Investments of VA LLC dba SRI Group is proud to announce its partnership through the General Services Administration, GSA, with Databuoy Corporation to deliver the Shotpoint acoustic gunfire detection and localization system. Shotpoint is an extremely reliable and precise shooter detection and reporting system that gives law enforcement and first responders the reporting speed and location precision to effectively mitigate active shooters, save lives and reduce […]

Databuoy Wins Big at Smart City Challenge

For the second year in a row,  Databuoy is a Smart City Challenge winner! Databuoy presented our new product, the Geofob Mobile Panic Button and won a first prize award from the innovation-focused competition; in addition to a Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation Pilot Award.  We are excited to validate and field the Geofob and our ecosystem […]

Databuoy Resident Expert Featured in SECURITY INFOWATCH

Following the Highland Park Massacre, one of Databuoy’s foremost security experts, Patrick Fiel, Sr., was featured in this SECURITY INFOWATCH article, linked here. Patrick shared: “In this case, the shooter was able to position himself on a rooftop unobserved with an assault rifle with numerous rounds of ammunition. Once the parade started, the gunman was […]

Security Industry Association (SIA) Profile of Databuoy Corporation

Databuoy is now a member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) whose stated mission is “To be a catalyst for success within the global security industry through information, insight and influence.” We are excited to join the community and dialogue dedicated to the latest and greatest security developments. SIA interviewed CEO Kathleen Griggs and published […]

Article: Databuoy Resident Security Expert Writes in SECURITY INFOWATCH

Article: Databuoy Resident Security Expert, Patrick Fiel, Sr., Featured in SECURITY INFOWATCH   One of Databuoy’s foremost security experts,  Patrick Fiel, Sr., was featured in this SECURITY INFOWATCH article, linked here. Patrick said: “Another school shooting is in the news, but sadly, we are still being reactive rather than proactive. Until we seriously embrace a […]

Databuoy ISC East 2021 Recap: Dr. Lou Marciani and CEO Kathleen Griggs

Databuoy ISC East 2021 Recap: Dr. Lou Marciani and CEO Kathleen Griggs Databuoy CEO Kathleen Griggs spoke with Dr. Lou Marciani Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Fan Experience at ISC East on the utility of the Shotpoint Gunshot Detection & Localization system and its role in security at sporting events and more. Watch […]

Databuoy at the AAAE Aviation Security Summit

Databuoy at the AAAE Aviation Security Summit Wrapping up a year of important tradeshows and conferences, Databuoy® will host a booth at the 21st Annual AAAE Aviation Security Summit in Arlington VA, on December 14th-15th. Stop by to learn how we can help secure your community. Databuoy® manufactures Shotpoint®, the industry-leading gunshot detection and localization […]

School Safety with Databuoy, 2021 Security Conference

School Safety with Databuoy, 2021 Tradeshow Recap The Databuoy team is greatly saddened by the events of this week in Oakland County, Michigan. Our hearts go out to the families and the community who are enduring an incredible tragedy. This same week, Databuoy participated in the 5th National Student Safety and Security Conference & Workshop, […]

Databuoy Wins Best Gunshot Detection Award, 2021 ASTORS

Databuoy Wins Best Gunshot Detection Award, 2021 ASTORS At ISC East, Databuoy was excited to accept American Security Today’s highest ASTOR Homeland Security Award for the Best Gunshot Detection System. The “Platinum” level award was accepted by our CEO, Kathleen Griggs and accompanied by the description: “As gun violence continues with 2021 on pace to […]