Databuoy’s Shotpoint Named ISC West Game-Changer

Databuoy was profiled in the May 2022 edition of Security Business. Author Paul F. Benne, “a 35-year veteran in the protective services industry” reviewed the floor of exhibits at ISC West and found dozens of commonplace booths showing “new version[s] of old technology.”

Buried in the ordinary, Paul found a few gems, like our Shotpoint Gunfire Localization System. Paul categorized our solution as an innovation which has the potential to reshape the security industry and wrote:

“It is not the first to the gunshot detection rodeo, but the Databuoy system offers something unique: the ability to visualize outdoor gunshot trajectory, pinpointing the exact location of the shooter in three dimensions.

This game-changer not only allows for pinpoint accuracy – quickly identifying the shooter’s location and drastically reducing response time to neutralize the threat – but it also provides significant evidentiary information about the origin of the shot.”

The full article is on page 16, linked here.

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