East Idaho News Covers Live SHOTPOINT Test

With ample news coverage, Databuoy showcased the SHOTPOINT active shooter alert system at the Global City Teams Challenge Expo on Monday, June 1st, in Washington, DC. The system links our acoustic shot detection system that locates the shooter in the school, determines which of the 60+ cameras is the one that needs to be cued, and initiates a push of that camera’s video across Ammon’s private fiber optic network that allows law enforcement to respond quickly in the event of a shooting.

“This technology can save lives by reducing the response time and by giving clear and concise information,” said BCSO captain Samuel Hulse. “You can get a description of what the shooter looks like, where they are, how many there are and in what direction they’re going.”Deputies fired off live gun shots, with blank rounds, inside Sand Creek Middle School to activate the system. Real time alerts and images were then sent from the school to the county’s emergency communication center. After reviewing that video, images and location information can be sent to devices for law enforcement en route.The system was entered into a contest with the National Institute of Justice, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Link to video

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