LVMPD and Las Vegas embracing Vertical Shot Detection Technology

Gun violence is an alarming issue that affects communities across the globe. 

According to a report published by the Gun Violence Archive, the United States witnessed over 43,000 incidents of gun violence in 2021, which resulted in more than 11,000 deaths. In response to this growing problem, technological innovations are being developed to detect and mitigate gun violence.

One such innovation is the gunshot detection system, and Databuoy’s SHOTPOINT system is the most advanced in the market.

The SHOTPOINT system is a cutting-edge gunshot detection technology that uses acoustic sensors to identify and locate gunshots. The sensors are strategically placed in an area and with the use of the unique design of the SHOTPOINT sensor eliminates the human error element, relying on the distinct sound signature created by a bullet.

Once a gunshot is detected and confirmed, the system can instantly alert security professionals, law enforcement and other first responders to the location of the gunshot. This early notification can significantly reduce response times, allowing first responders to act faster, with more knowledge, and potentially save lives.

The SHOTPOINT system has a range of features that make it one of the most advanced gunshot detection systems available. For example, it uses machine learning algorithms to filter out false positives that can arise from other loud sounds such as popped balloons, fireworks or car backfires.

The system can also differentiate between different types of firearms and can provide real-time updates on the number of shots fired, the direction of the shooter, and the location of the gunfire.

Databuoy, the company behind SHOTPOINT, has also developed an innovative mobile web app that allows users to receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices. The app is specifically designed for use by law enforcement, security personnel, and other first responders.

The app provides detailed information on the location and direction of the gunshot, as well as any other relevant details, such as the number of shooters, and the type of firearm used.

SHOTPOINT is the only system offering indoor and outdoor detection, allowing the system to be deployed in nearly any environment with near perfect results.

The ability to eliminate false positives without human intervention, thus resulting in a more accurate, quickly deployed report to first responders is just one of the reasons Databuoy’s SHOTPOINT was the comprehensive gunshot detection system chosen by Fremont Street Experience and the NFL for the 2022 Draft in Las Vegas.

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