School Safety with Databuoy, 2021 Security Conference

The Databuoy team is greatly saddened by the events of this week in Oakland County, Michigan. 

Our hearts go out to the families and the community who are enduring an incredible tragedy.

This same week, Databuoy participated in the 5th National Student Safety and Security Conference & Workshop, an event with a shared concern and focus on the nation-wide need for deployment-ready active shooter detection solutions. The ongoing increase of active shooters inordinately affects our schools, and the safety of our children.

We are doing all that we can to make communities safer. 

Databuoy is the only automated shot detection solution which operates indoors and out, and is currently deployed in a growing number of schools, with the highest reliability factor that police and security trust. 

“We test monthly and Shotpoint works consistently with multiple shooters. It shows us the most current shot and exact location of the shooters. In more than two years, we’ve had no false positives . . .This is a fantastic tool that enables us to respond quickly, effectively and accurately. I highly recommend Shotpoint.”

Chief Bryan Pegues, of the Aventura Police Department, working with Aventura Schools.

For more on how Databuoy can help secure campus safety and security, check out this article in Campus Safety Magazine.

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